What Happens If I'm Overbooked?


With all the best of intentions and systems over-bookings happen occasionally.  When it does its time to kick into action your "Overflow Protocol".

As a professional accommodation supplier, you will have already made arrangements for this situation and setup agreements with other compatible properties.  You should contact them immediately and see if they can take your extra booking.

If your regular overflow partners can't help, then you need to start hunting around for a viable alternative to be able to deliver on the booking.  As a reminder, all our bookings are instantly confirmed according to the availability you've given us.

So, you carry the responsibility to accommodate the member.

When Stays don't deliver on their promises it creates a dependability problem.  It indicates that your property isn't dependable and is therefore not travel industry ready.

Stays in this position are either suspended or de-listed immediately to prevent other Members from being let down. 

If there is a chance of you being re-listed, then you should expect to pay a re-listing fee as well as the lost booking fees.



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