Switching to Boutique Rooms (from Commercial Rooms)

Switching to Boutique Rooms (from Commercial Rooms)


Switching from our Commercial Room to our Boutique Room system is quite easy.  You can manage up to 6 different Boutique Rooms at present.


Know why you are switching  Help article: Boutique or Commercial - which to choose


Your existing bookings and availability won't be affected by switching. Some room and package details do need updating however.



Please follow these steps in this order.  Remember to save your changes on each page.


Step 1 - Prepare Your Current Rooms

1. Delete any unused or unwanted rooms (Rooms page)

2. Set a Name for each room (Edit Room page)

3. Set the 'Regular Availability' to "1" for each room (Availability page)


Step 2 - Make the Switch

1. Choose Boutique on the Room Management Technique Switch (Details page)

Step 3 - Update Each Room & Package

1. Change the Room Type to "Unused Boutique Room" (Edit Room page)

Changing the old 'Commercial' Room Type to one of the unused Boutique Rooms means you will now work with Room 'Names' instead of 'Types'.

  • You have up to 6 Boutique Rooms to choose from

2. Change the Room Name for each Package (Packages page)

  • Before
  • After


That's it.  You're done!

Just check your public Stay page to ensure everything looks OK.




Now What?

Now is a great time to send us your iCal feeds.

Using iCal means you don't need to block your dates with us for each new booking you take from other channels.

Not sure what we're talking about?  Read through our range of iCal Help Articles.




1. Will I lose my pictures and packages when I switch?


All your account, photos, room and pricing details remain stored and unaffected. 

We simply change the 'category' of your listing from Commercial to Boutique.  Under Boutique, essentially, this means we hide a lot of the confusing stuff from you and show you limited information pages.  All the information that was there before remains in our databases but a lot more is hidden.

To display properly we do need to you to target the rooms and packages to each different system though as they won't show if they are not correctly attached to a Boutique Room.


2. Can I change back if I don't like it?


There will be a similar change process to change back that ensure you 're-attach' your info to the new room types.


3. How do I change by 3 rooms under 1 room type to Boutique?

1. Using the instructions above you'll set the Availability to 1 (from 3)
2. Then change/add a name to this room
3. Then make the Switch
4. After you're on Boutique Rooms you can Add the additional Rooms