Problems Uploading Photos

Problems Uploading Photos

The following are some of the common issues when uploading photos.


1. Photo too small

We require photos of a certain size to ensure they look good when shown on a range of devices.

The minimum size for most photos is 1920 x 1080 pixels.

By their nature as 'digital' nomads most of our members do most of their work on computers, rather than phones.  Computers, including laptops, tend to have larger screens so need larger photos to display well.


While your phone probably takes large enough photos many apps, such as Whatsapp & Google Drive, that you may use to transfer the images will reduce the size of them down quite a lot to speed up transfer on mobile phone networks.  You may have to change the settings on your Apps to ensure the original sized pictures are transfered.

2. Slow Internet and Large Photos

When your internet is a little slow and your photo is large it can take some time to upload.  

If you see an icon like this below it means the upload is in progress.  A preview of the photo is shown when the image is fully available to the server.


3. Non-latin characters in the photo name

Our system is designed for latin (english sepcifically) names so if your photo has characters in its name that come from a non-latin languageset or maybe special characters (like %, &, ~, #  etc.) you may find it is not accepted.

Simple rename the photo to one with latin character sets and no special characters.


4. WebP and other unsupported formats

At this time we don't support webp formatted photos so please save these images as jpg and try again.


5. Too many photos at a time

Similar to issue 2 above.  If your uploading a lot of photos that take some time to upload on your internet then the system can time out and prevent you uploading.

Our system runs on Microsoft Windows servers who typically allow uploads and other 'sessions' to run to up to 2 minutes before automatically closing the link with your computer.

The way around this is to upload 1 image at a time which will take less time and hopefully avoid the inbuilt timeout restriction.


6. Your session has ended

When your name disappears from the top menu its generally a sign that your internet 'session' has ended.

Like most business websites we automatically close off sessions if there has been no activity for 15 or so minutes.  This can easily occur in some open browser tabs that are open and not used for some time.  If this occurs your updates won't post correctly.

To solve:

  1. Close your browser windows and log in again.  Your session will start again
  2. Try to avoid opening up additional browser windows