Your Monthly Business Checklist

Your monthly business checklist

Today millions of DNs travel the world full time. Each day Nomad Stays displays thousands of pages of opportunities to DNs all around the world.

Gaining business from DNs or any market really can often be as easy as removing the blockages that stand between you and a client.

So let's look at your monthly checklist and see how many blockages you can remove this month.


1. Are you putting your best foot forward?

  • Do you look like a tech savvy Stay where DNS will get energized
  • Have you uploaded excellent quality photos suitable for 4K computer screens?
  • Are they taken in daytime
  • Have you highlighted your working spaces with working area photos
  • Are you talking about interesting things for DNs (or are you still using tourist language)

2. Have you updated your details for important lifestyle items washing machines & kitchens

  • Have you included their photos?

3. Have you tested your internet with our tool?

  • Nomads require excellent internet
  • Without any information you're putting a big block in front of digital nomads

4. Are you priced right?

  • If the average nomad rental is $800 a month & you get zero business in some months, why set prices well outside the market?
  • Higher prices have lower visibility on our site
  • You can always set peak tourist season rates differently

5. Have you made rooms available?

  • Limited availability means your listing disappears from our booking site
  • Have you blocked dates by mistake?
  • Is your iCal source up to date

6. Have you made packages available?

  • Expired packages mean your listing disappears from our booking site

7. Can you provide more info on necessary facilities like

  • How close the nearest supermarket is, or
  • How to get there from the airport

8. Can you suggest nearby co-working spaces that should be added to our maps

  • Co-working is super important for many digital nomads

9. Are you running events for digital nomads?

  • The free Wozin App on our site makes it easy to share your events to all nomad members in your region

10. Have you highlighted the best things for digital nomads to do in your neighborhood

  • Remember digital nomads are not tourists they are lifestyle travelers who stay longer

11. Do you need to redecorate to be more mainstream?

  •  Is your d├ęcor too 'up front' for foreigners
  • Is the room too cluttered
  • Is it dated
  • New app helps to modernize