Your Monthly Business Checklist

Your Monthly Stay Checklist

Today millions of Digital Nomads travel the world full time.

Each day Nomad Stays displays thousands of pages of opportunities to DNs all around the world.

Gaining business from DNs or any market really can often be as easy as removing the blockages that stand between you and a client.


Look at your Monthly Checklist and see how many blockages you can remove this month.


1. Update your Amenity Lists

  • Have you got all your amenities ticked?
  • Add your new facilities - maybe you have new washing machines, BBQ, external monitors, office chairs?
  • Have you added recent photos?

2. Test your Wi-Fi Speed

No wi-fi information is a big blocker to digital nomads.  Test your wi-fi often to avoid making the mistake.


3. Check your Room Availability

  • Have you given us rooms to sell (no rooms able to be booked means your listing disappears from the site)
  • Have you blocked dates by mistake?
  • Is your iCal source up to date?
  • To remain listed you'll to provide us with 45 days or more of availability every 6 months.


4. Check your Prices

  • The average digital nomad rental is paying around €800 a month for off season rates.
  • Are you priced higher but getting no business?
  • Perhaps it's worth experimenting with some special deals.
  • NB: Higher prices have lower visibility on our site as we're 
  • You can always set peak tourist season rates differently.


5. Add Peak Season rates

  • Add your peak season rates to pick up longer staying clients.
  • While many digital nomads move elsewhere in peak seasons, others will spend big as well as stay longer.
  • Adding peak season rates means you easily increase your chances of picking up a highly lucrative, long, premium booking.


6. Check your Packages are still current

  • Have they expired?
  • Has your listing stopped because your packages have stopped?
  • Update the expiry date of current packages.
  • Add new packages.
  • Expired packages mean your listing disappears from our booking site. We recommend setting packages for the next18 months.


7. Update your Photos

  • Add your latest photos.
  • Add photos of your working spaces
    • Show off your new desks, work chairs and external monitors.
  • Remove old, obsolete, and lower quality pictures to upgrade your listing.


8. Add your Upcoming Events

  • Use our Event Partner App (Wozin) to list your upcoming digital nomad events.
    • Events are shown on our location pages.
  • Show digital nomads how they can meet other DNs, local entrepreneurs and others.

Give Wozin App a go

Add your events to Wozin for your town and watch them show up on Nomad Stays


9. Add Lifestyle Facts to your Descriptions

  • Do you collect guests from local transport stations?  Do you rent cars or pushbikes to get around?  Maybe you organize a weekly market trip.
  • Update your descriptions to include facts about your region and Stay.

10. Update your Overflow Protocol

  • How you handle your overbookings says a lot about your professionalism
  • Update your Overflow Protocol monthly to be ready to have alternative accommodation available for guests when you're full.
  • Keep your priority alternative contact people up to date.

Refusing a booking from many online travel agencies will see your Stay dropped from the sites and expensive penalties applied.




Are you putting your best foot forward?

Removing blockages and putting your best foot forward are easy ways to attract more business from longer staying digital nomads.

Focus on showing how tech savvy your Stay is to separate you from your local competition.