My Listing Isn't Showing but I'm Open. How Do I Fix This?

The Nomad Stays platform show Stays that can be booked.

If the Stay isn't bookable a lot of its listing information is hidden from digital nomads.  This ensures that nomads don't waste a lot of time attempting to book Stays they don't have something to sell.

Without a current price and availability within our guidelines (45 days minimum bookable nights in next 6 months) your listing will not be shown.

If you think your Stay should be visible and its not then there are 2 key things to check:

  1. Availability, and
  2. Packages



Your Availability page sets what rooms you are making available.  You set a standard availability that applies all the time and then you can block periods where you are full.  

We encourage you to use a Calendar Manager system to manage the availability for all your rooms automatically.  Calendaring system are great to prevent double bookings.

Common Issues:

  1. You have blocked a wide range of dates by mistake.
    1. Solution a: Delete the blocked dates
    2. Solution b: Give us your iCal URL from your master calendar and we will pull you availability automatically from your master calendar
  2. You have set your packages against a room without availability
    1. Solution a: Change the room in your Packages to be the one that has availability
  3. You have availability only a long way down the track, so don't meet our minimum availability of 45 days bookable nights within 6 months .
    1. Solution a: Remove blocked dates in the near future
    2. Solution b: Add Packages for the near future
    3. Solution c: Wait until you reach the minimum availability.  (If you think you meet it already then send us a message and we'll check)



Just as you need a room available to book you must also have a Price for that room.  Prices are listed in Packages for your desired dates.

Your Packages have first and last checkin dates that determine which price is applicable for bookings on different dates.  

You can set your prices for up to 2 years in advance with variations for different times of the year.  You can also change these at any stage (for future bookings) so can easily tweak your pricing for current demand.

Common Issues:

  1. You don't have a Package available for the coming weeks and months
    1. Solution a: Add a Package for the near future for the rooms you wish to sell
    2. Solution b: Remain offline until you meet the minimum bookable product (45 nights available to book in next 6 months)
  2. Your Package is set against a room without availability
    1. Solution a: Change the Package to apply to a room that you have available
    2. Solution b: If you've switched between Commercial and Boutique booking models, check you updated your Rooms following the guidelines
  3. Certain, or all Package lengths, are set as Unlisted.
    1. Solution a: Turn on the Package Lengths in your current Packages that you wish to make available by ensuring the 'listed' box is active.
    2. Solution b: Create new Packages with active Lengths and Prices