Re-Listing Fees

Re-Listing Fees

It's easy and low cost to join Nomad Stays.  Just as it is to remain listed for free.  

You simply need to maintain sufficient availability to book throughout the year, and not be in breach of the agreement through dishonored bookings, promoting inaccurate marketing etc.

If you find yourself delisted or deactivated, you can apply to become re-listed or re-activated again.  A Re-Listing or Re-Activation Fee will be due at that time.

Currently the Re-Listing Fee is $39.

Currently the Re-Activation Fee is $899 (following suspension)

Management retains the option to reduce or waive this fee at its discretion.Please note that serious breaches of the agreement will see Stays placed on industry watchlists so that other platforms and agents are aware of your status at Nomad Stays.


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