Stay Suspension

Stay Suspension

Breaches of our agreement or terms will result in your Stay being suspended from the platform.

Your Stay listing will be taken down from the site and you will need to pay a Re-Activation Fee, if invited, to rejoin.


Common Reasons for Suspension
(and ways to avoid it happening)

  1. Rejecting a Booking

    Most suspensions happen when a Stay rejects a booking we've made, and an alternate property for the paying Member is not found.  This can occur when you don't keep your availability or packages up to date, and don't have an effective Overflow Policy.

    For small Stays we strongly urge you to maintain an iCal based calendaring system.  They are often free or inexpensive and include many Channel Managers and even Google Calendar.  We also urge you to undertake a Monthly Checklist for your Stay as is common across the hotel industry.

    As an instant booking platform Nomad Stays does not offer the ability to check with you first.
  2. Changing Packages after a Booking

    Changing the terms of a booking after it is made may result in a change of a contract if the changes are deemed significant.  Any significant changes require explicit agreement with the guest under most country's commercial laws.  If your alternative offer is not accepted by a Member then the original booking becomes a rejected booking. 

    We urge you to discuss potential changes with your Booking Members before undertaking significant changes.  Many Members will be sympathetic to unexpected changes and are likely to agree to something different when approached professionally and calmly.

  3. Reconfiguring Stays to Unsupported Configurations

    Nomad Stays has clear types of properties we list and don't list.  If you've applied for a listing under one type of Stay and then reconfiguring it into an unsupported Stay type, you risk being suspended.
    Examples of unsupported stay types include homestays, and shared houses
    We urge you to check with us if you're planning a re-configuration to get clarity on your proposed layout.

  4. Changing Prices During a Promotion Period

If you've agreed to a special package that we feature in our proactive marketing campaigns, we expect you to stick with the agreement for the duration of the campaign (usually 1 month).  Increasing prices of a Package after a proactive campaign has started results in the Promotion not being available to Members.