Check Before Taking Bookings?

Can You Check with Me Before a Booking is Taken?

No, sorry.

Our systems are automated and available 24 x 7. Our Members need to be able to book, pay, and receive confirmation immediately.

Our systems stop selling when your availability hits zero so you don't have to worry about Nomad Stays taking too many bookings.  Each booking we take automatically reduces the room quantities available and is set to zero when we sell the last room.

If you operate a master inventory system that we connect to then we will automatically draw down your availability every hour.  So, when using these systems, if your master inventory system reaches zero then Nomad Stays will automatically stop taking bookings.

If you use our Extranet System and also take bookings from other agents, you should either reduce the number of rooms available, or BLOCK the dates your rooms are full.  This automatically zeroes the inventory on our system and prevents anyone booking the room for those particular dates. 

Under Free Sale it is good practice only allocate us enough rooms that you usually have free. 

For example, you may have 10 rooms in your Stay and average 50% occupancy throughout the year.  On average you would have 5 free rooms on any night (50% x 10 rooms).  As there's a chance that your weekends may get busier you may want to list only 2 rooms 'free sale' with us in case you sell an extra few rooms on a weekend.  We will stop selling at 2 rooms under this scenario.