Member Cancellations and No Shows

Member Cancellations and No Shows


Nomad Stays is not an e-commerce style business with lots of occasional users.  Its much more like a membership-based club where members enjoy amazing deals not found elsewhere.  Which means they have a lot to lose by abusing the system.

If a guest cancels within the cancellation period, you'll be advised.

If a guest pays for a booking and doesn't arrive (no show) then they are immediately suspended from the service pending a review.  They won't be able to take up any further opportunities until they are admitted back into the club.

We don't profit from no-shows either. The booking fees the client as paid us gets donated to a charity from one of the charities we support. If a client no-show too many times we cancel their membership altogether and won't deal with them any further.

If the guest doesn't check-in on the day, they're advised then their booking hasn't commenced, and they are a no-show.  The room becomes available for booking again by you the next day.